Greenhouse Spring Livonia Photography Session, Northville Michigan Photographer

Spring Photo Session | Livonia, MI Photographer

What if I told you there was a way to have a nature-filled, WARM, gorgeous, earthy, but also romantic photo session this spring?  You’d probably think I was making it up, but the truth is, I have a spectacular location available for you.

You would probably jump at the chance to experience nature AND be warm in the winter.  If that sounds amazing, then my sessions at the Greenhouse would be just perfect for you!

This location is great for families, birthdays, celebrating Grandma’s visit, and especially babies and newborns.  With always dreamy light, and a lush environment, you’ll leave your photo shoot feeling relaxed.  Can you imagine that?  Actually leaving your photo shoot RELAXED and not just relieved it’s over!?

It’s perfect for those of you who have been carefully and cautiously limiting your contact with other people as we will have the place to ourselves (the rare employee waving from the far corner!).  It’s a perfect outing so that you can *finally* leave the house.

For a photographer, this location is a DREAM. Perfectly diffused light, beautiful leading lines, gorgeous setting are all things I look for when scouting locations.  What this really means is that your pictures will be AMAZING.

Take a peek at my work and then get in touch for more details using the button at the end!  I can’t wait to work with you!

Sharon Hoeg is a Northville based, Michigan family photographer who specializes in making magic happen with children under ten.  Known for her easy and fun photo sessions, families return her to year after year for authentic portrait session experiences.  She serves all of the Metro Detroit area, including Ann Arbor, Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, and South Lyon.

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