I have always had a camera in my hand. When I was 10, my family took our fist road trip. We would drop our film at a 1-hour photo place and have lunch. After lunch we’d pick up our pictures, glue them into our journals, and head to our next stop. By the time we got home, we had pages filled with our memories of every little, single, detail we’d seen!

I’ve never stopped shooting, but I’m a lot more thoughtful about what I photograph now. The 80th picture of the Grand Canyon isn’t as exciting as you’d think!

I am proud to call Michigan my home, but I grew up in Southern California and spent a little time working in Washington, DC. I traded Congress for cameras and I’ve never looked back!

Along my photographer journey, I have met some amazing families and totally cool kids!

I probably love doing it because I am really just a big kid myself. My favorite super hero is Iron Man.  I can sing all the songs from Frozen.  I like to climb on stuff, especially if I can get a great angle for a cool shot. I like to color. I totally met Mickey Mouse and hugged a princess!  I found four pokemon in my neighborhood. I have used a lightsaber and know a lot about dragons. Sound familiar? Your kids and I will get along great!

I love to laugh, play, and have fun.  At your photography session, your kids will too. Together, we will enter their magical world and see things as they do. Dandelions are for wishing, not weeds. Fairies are magical, not myth.  Animals talk!  Super Powers are possible!

In fact, I have a secret super power. I can time travel. I take you to all the beautiful moments of your life so you can celebrate them again and again. Sometimes I need that. Don’t you? Especially on the days where the kids drew on the walls. Or, on nights where they debate about bedtime. Mom life is a little bit easier when I pass their cute faces on the wall or flip through my scrapbooks.  I want to remember all the sweetness and light and beauty of their world.  All the things that make this life worth living. As a Northville photographer, I want to give you that gift too.

So, give me a call or send me a note. Let’s chat about your family.  Let’s plan your session. Let’s build you a time machine out of pictures.