Two brothers at a Valentine's Day Party, Canton Child Photographer

Brotherly Love! – Valentine’s Day Minis {Canton Child Photographer}

I love meeting people from all over Metro Detroit, but I am so lucky that one of those people is my brother and his family!  He is only two cities away, in Canton, and we get together monthly, and sometimes more, to hang out, build props, and take pictures.  This weekend all the cousins gathered at my house for a Valentine’s Day Mini session.  It. was. awesome.  For one thing, there is just nothing cuter than boys with teddy bears.  My girls were silly and giggly.  And, together they make a fabulous foursome.
My nephews are two of the sweetest boys I know.  They are kind, even to each other, and silly.  My oldest nephew loves jokes.  After I tell him a joke I always pause and wait.  I love that look he gets when he is thinking about the punchline and then his faces becomes one big grin when he GETS IT.
I styled this session myself using clothes from Target.  Target is great if you need to style multiple genders and ages.  I went really matching with these clothes, which I don’t normally do.  But, with a simple background, this totally worked.  Plaid with jeans is a classic look and I did the same for the girls.  However, the girls’ line at Target was a variation on red and blue, with more pink instead.  So, even though I matched them up in style and color family, they still looked a little different.  I also love how the plaid looks in black and white!
They brought their own stuffies along, but I was surprised to see bears!  They are usually sporting dragons and dinos.  So, this was quite the surprise!  I love including stuffed friends in photography sessions, if they are available.  You know how busy stuffies can be!
The valentine’s day m&ms were the biggest winners of all.  Everyone needed their own bowl.  And there was some jostling over who got what colors.  Seriously.  The candy hearts were totally up for grabs though.  I hope you enjoy the smiles and the love they have for each other!

Two brothers at a Valentine's Day Party, Canton Child Photographer Brothers laughing at a party, Northville Child Photographer young boy making a silly face, Northville Child Photography Boy in silly glasses, Canton Child Photographer young boy with teddy bear, South Lyon Child Photography Older boy holding a teddy bear, South Lyon Child Photographer


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