Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland Photography, South Lyon Photographer

The Red Queen: Alice Adventures Part One

This photography session is part of a series by Sharon Hoeg Photography of “storybook inspired photo shoots.


Heyyyyyy friends….The phrase “we’re all mad here” takes on new meaning when I think about all the props and things I built, assembled, and created for this session, but it was absolutely 100% worth it.

I photographed the Alice theme for the first time in 2013.  That was the session I twisted my ankle so badly that I almost passed out.  But, it was also the session where I got in front of the camera too.  Shooting alongside some great friends and amazing photographers, I have some incredible pictures of my own children that are hanging in my home today.  If you’ve been lucky enough to join me for a holiday session at my home-studio, you might have noticed them.  But those pictures were taken 6 years ago and my youngest doesn’t even remember that session!  And while she’s been along for some amazing creative sessions like the time she wanted to BE a unicorn and our outdoor holiday tree decorating, we’ve never done anything like this.

Since 2013, I’ve been dreaming about a giant life-size keyhole that was large enough to walk through.  My brother and I have built a lot of things together over the years like this lemonade stand, but he moved last summer!   So here I was with BIG dreams, a HUGE project, and I had to make it happen alone.

I’m happy to say the results were about 95% what I wanted.  I’m thrilled with photo session and can check this one off the “must make” list.

After photographing two other clients on this beautiful set, I took my sweet girls out for an adventure of their own.  My intense 10 year old embraced everything evil and fabulous about the Red Queen, but also took a turn playing a tween/teen Alice with attitude.  My youngest played a sneaky white rabbit who was not only late, but kept stealing all the cards!  In Part One of our adventure, I’m featuring the Queen of Hearts.

I loved revisiting this world one more time and hope you do too.  I know my time in Wonderland is not over though!  This world never gets old and leaves plenty of room for creative and interesting photography.

Michigan Child Photographer, Alice in Wonderland Photography
Tween Photographer, Michigan Photography
Photographer for my Tween, Livonia Photographer
Queen of Hearts Card
Keyhole Prop, Alice in Wonderland, Michigan Photographer
Queen of Hearts Cosplay, Wonderland Photographer
Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland Photography, South Lyon Photographer
Sisters in Wonderland, Northville Photographer
Michigan Tween Photographer, Alice in Wonderland Cosplay
Queen of Hearts Photo Session, Northville Photographer

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