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Sweet Siblings – Family of Five – South Lyon Family Photographer

These are one of my favorite family photography clients.  I love having a chance to shoot with them and this day was no different.  We went to a new location in South Lyon, MI! 🙂  These girls have been my subjects for a long time.  I photographed the twins when they were newborns.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to have repeat clients.

I always laugh SO MUCH when we are together because these girls have the best jokes!!!  That interrupting cow gets me every time!!!  Here’s my favorite joke from today:

Why did the cow get on the space ship?

I’ll tell you the answer in a minute.

This family also gets my “best dressed” award.  Mom also chooses great outfits, with lots of textures and layers and picks the perfect footwear to finish it off.  If you’re not sure what to wear, there are some greats tips on this page.  🙂

I always find myself tapping my foot and dancing along with these girls.  We made the gazebo our stage and filled it with spinning, twirling, giggling, and general merriment.  We started playing music a few sessions ago and now it is commonplace.  I love using music as a way to engage children, capture motion, and especially to see those beautiful smiles that pop out when you’re dancing! 🙂

SIDE NOTE: The Frozen soundtrack is pretty popular for dancing.  My kids will boogie down to Sing.  There is a Tinkerbell compilation album that is pretty popular at my house.  Of course, The Lego Movie gets my nephews moving, but so does the Star Wars soundtrack, so I don’t even know what to do with that!  🙂  If you know a great song for getting kids dancing, drop a comment below!  I’m always looking for new things for my session play list! 🙂

Are you ready for the answer to the joke?  He wanted to get to the moooooon!

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