Two young sisters flying a kite, Metro Detroit Family Photography

Spring Girls – Backyard Photo Session {Northville Family Photographer}

The weather has finally broken in Northville, MI.  These sweet sisters wasted no time getting out all their favorite outdoor gear, including this fabulous kite.  We spent the evening playing outside.  I was coaching them on their badminton swing and they were giggling over hitting me in the face with the shuttle cock.  Silly girls!

My littlest grabbed a kite, previously unopened, from our outdoor toy cabinet.  It’s been like 20+ years since I’ve flown a kite ya’ll.  After pausing briefly to assemble a kite that claimed to be “ready to fly,” we ran outside to see what we could do.  First, we got tangled up in the tail.  A lot.  Because the tail was 6 feet long! 🙂 Big sis stepped in at one point to help with the tail.  Second, we ran around for a while before we figured out how to get it in the air.  Including a moment where I was yelling to my husband, “Am I flying a kite?” LOL.  🙂 We got it up in the air a few times, but it seemed out of control.  Like, that thing was going in a tree or on the roof and we were never going to see it again.

Instead, I took off the long line and, when she got done pouting, my littlest ran around the yard with the kite in her hand and the tail flying fast behind her.  She laughed so hard and ran so fast.  She was tired and dirty, but so happy at the end of the day.

We enjoyed our evening outside.  Running, laughing, smiling, taking pictures.  I’m so glad the weather is warmer and the grass is dryer and our feet can be naked again!

These kind of simple, but joyful photography moments, are what I look for in every photo session.  This simple joy of a simple life is easily replicated in any family session.  Just ask me to bring my kite and you’ll see the magical smiles!

Thanks for looking!

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