Photographer Stays Home: A Plush Penguin Wedding

What does a photographer do when forced to stay at home?

During our time sheltering at home, my daughter’s have come up with some great ideas to keep us busy.  My oldest daughter is full of amazing ideas any time of year, but I thought her idea for a penguin wedding was especially inspired.  Also, I got to take some pictures.  This event was expertly planned and my entire {immediate} family was in attendance.

Penguin Wedding Details

Meet Ms Dana & Mr Guard Penguin who were married at Casa de la Hoeg on March 23 in an intimate ceremony.  This venue was delightful for it’s sweeping staircase, light-filled ceremony location, and beautiful decor by Annette Rioux Creations. <–She’s real and designed this gorgeous set for my Easter mini sessions that were never to be; Regardless, we made good use of her beautiful work).  The finishing touch were the yoga mats adding color to the aisle and the suitcase necessary to prop up the pastor.

The bride walked down the aisle to Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca because that was the first Mozart I could find on my phone! In attendance was one human Maid of Honor, 2 groomspenguins, and a variety of plush penguin friends.  The ceremony was performed by Guard Penguin #2.  His yakking was both romantic and unintelligible.

The Penguin couple had their first dance to “The Party Starts Now” (from “Club Penguin”).

All the single penguins + one human/unicorn gathered for the bouquet toss while I played “Single Ladies” on my phone.  The Human-icorn caught the bouquet!

Dancing continue for a while followed by family portraits.  No food was served because raw fish is stinky.

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If you love penguins or silly times in quarantine, then I hope these pictures will make you smile.  Finally, you know what comes after getting married?  Usually some babies.  I photographed a “newborn tutorial” using our favorite penguin as my subject that will ALSO make you smile!

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