Baby Girl with birthday cake, cake smash photography, Metro Detroit Child Photography

One Year Old – Sprinkle Cake Smash {Northville Child Photographer}

Wahoo!  Time to celebrate turning one year old!  I love the squishy cheeks and happy smiles on one-year-olds.  They are sweet and fun and they LOVE cake, most of the time, until they smush their hands in the frosting.  This sweetie is pretty in pink and celebrating with a cake made by me (her mom) and her Grandma (we call her Marmee).

We used a simple sprinkle cake for this shoot.  Just some frosting and a ton of sprinkles make this an easy cake for anyone to make.  It was homemade and that lends to all the warm feels you get when you look at these pictures.  I believe that photographs are more than just freezing a moment in time.  The experience of taking them, making the props and the cakes, and picking the clothes, is all part of what makes that moment memorable.

And, when I look at these pictures, I remember.  Like most one-year-olds, she is fast which means the photographer has to be even faster!  We reset her a few times, but she went right for the cake every time and giggled the whole way.  She mostly liked her cake, but preferred to eat it with a spoon.

I love shooting these sessions at home, with a simple backdrop and a warm wood floor.  It keeps the photos real, authentic, and homey – all things that I strive for in my images.  Kids are also more comfortable at home with their familiar surroundings and I think that reflects in the natural smiles and joyful photography.

For me, and Mr. Sharon Hoeg Photography, it is a huge milestone to get a kid through their first year.  It’s an accomplishment for us too and so these pictures are as much to show that she is in fact still alive as they are to celebrate a birthday.

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