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Northville Photographer | Fall Family Fun – Leaf Toss!

I love this location in Northville Michigan because this park has the best leaf pile in town!  These are also some of my favorite, silliest clients.  Actually, all my clients are my favorites, but for the sake of this post, these are my favorite today.

When I get together with families, I want your session to be more like playtime and family time and oh what’s that?  A photographer happens to be there too?  Sounds great!  I want you to be able to relax, enjoy your kids, enjoy pausing for a minute to have some time outside, and celebrating one of the best things about Michigan: connecting with nature.

Outdoor photography is so fabulous in the fall.  All my family sessions take place at a local park or nature area.  Sessions in the evening are best for the most magical light.  There is a peaceful energy in that evening light, kind of like we are hanging on to the last little moments of summer, of sun, of outdoor time before winter comes.  It’s almost like we are stealing that moment, which makes that frozen moment even more valuable to our memories.

These three crack me up whenever we are together.  They love pokemon and mario and are always telling me silly things and making silly noises.  Wait, that’s me.  No, that’s both of us.  Yeah, we all love pokemon and mario and making silly noises!  If silly noises offend you then you might need another photographer because no one can resist laughing when I say “wakawakawaka!”

But seriously, if there’s every really a “seriously”, I love photographing families in the fall.  We have so much fun in the leaves and I love seeing the smiles kids make when I say “throw those at my camera!”  The result is pure magic or maybe I should say Pure Michigan?

Take a peek then book your own session!

Thanks for looking!


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