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Tribute to Moms Everywhere | Livonia Maternity Photographer

This maternity photo session is one of my favorites. It’s not just because the pictures turned out beautifully, but this client became a friend for LIFE.  We’ve shot together now…I’m can’t even count…I have no idea…at least seven times.  She’s always comes up with a great idea and is willing to let me try crazy stuff.  So this week, as we celebrate moms everywhere, I just wanted to share these pictures.  She is now a mom three times over and still an amazing human, someone who struggles with that #momlife balance like we all do, finding enough to keep her mind busy, and always has time to say “OH MY GOD I LOVE THESE PICTURES.”  She is thoughtful, kind, generous, and so very loving with her children.  Also, she is an amazing cook.

My beautiful collaborations with her resulted in this stunning greenhouse session, a Peter Pan theme session, a SUPER cake smash session (times two because we’ve done it twice!), an exciting baby announcement, and multiple Christmases.

This week, as you read this, I hope that you find a mom in your life – doesn’t have to be your own – and remind her why she’s awesome.  Just let her know that you’re rooting for her.  We all need that pick me up, especially from a friend or stranger.  A little bit of kindness goes a long way, especially in “mom world” because most likely we’ve had no sleep, are stressing about silly things (like why my kid doesn’t like their socks), and probably only ate whatever the kids left behind at breakfast.  SO GIVE THAT WOMAN A HIGH FIVE, a panera gift card, or send her a funny meme.

As always, thanks for looking and if YOU need a photographer to shower you with compliments, remind you why your kids are cute, and gush over how great your hair looks, come see me!

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