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Family of Four – Outdoor Fall Photography | South Lyon Photographer

I headed out to South Lyon, MI last weekend to photograph some new clients.  I love meeting new people.  I love to find out what is special about them, what they like, and what gets their kids to giggle.  I discovered all kinds of things about this beautiful family.

The littlest does NOT like bows, but will dance to the Trolls music.  Big brother tries to talk while smiling, which made for some funny pictures that did not make the final cut!  Once he relaxed I learned that Mom definitely does NOT pack worms for his lunch! ??? I didn’t get to use any of my best jokes on this crew, but they did think a wormy lunch was pretty funny.  She packs him chips, in case you were worried. ?

Side note: I have it on pretty good authority that the Trolls Soundtrack will get just about any kid dancing.  I purchased it just for this purpose because dancing children make for some of the prettiest, most fabulous action photographs ever.

The stinkiest feet in this family belong to brother, and that’s according to him!  I didn’t check for myself.  ???  He sure did have a lot to say.  I think that he is the chatty one in the family.

I love the casual comfortable-ness (is that even a word?) of this family when they are together.  Relaxed and happy.  Even though I just met them, I can picture them, feet up, snuggled under a blanket, reading books together.

The light was perfect for this evening session.  Even though it was warm, it was pleasant among the apple trees.  I love the candid magical connection between siblings that I captured right at the end.

Also, take note.  This family is dressed fabulously, including the shoes, which are always tricky.  Even though little sister took hers off at some point and ended up in stockings, she still looked cute!

It’s not too late to capture some fall family memories together.  Have some fun in the leaves, freshen up your wall portraits, or have some pictures taken for your holiday card.  Bookings are still available with me in late October.  I would love to find out what lunch surprises you pack, who has the stinkiest feet, and see if my new knock knock is a keeper or a dud.  Contact me to find out more!

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