Outdoor family Photoshoot

Fall Favorites | Northville Family Photographer

It’s the time and season for fall family photo shoots and I can’t wait to see you.  This family and their pile of three children is so fun to be even if it’s a chaotic session 90% of the time!  I love photographing their happy faces regardless of how everyone behaves and I give big bonus points to Dad for participating.

The surprises of Michigan weather made us run for cover, but we managed to squeeze in our photos before it rained.  Like literally, as I clicked my last click, it started to sprinkle.  We whisked the kids and all the pumpkins back into the car and by the time we safely tucked everyone inside, it started to pour!

Great Grandma’s Blanket

This session also showed off my great grandmother’s oh-so-perfect looking blanket!  I absolutely love bringing this out for special sessions.  It looks great among the leaves and always contrast nicely with rich fall wardrobe (side note: absolutely LOVE this family rockin/ the plaids).  I never met this great grandmother, but feel like we are connected somehow through this blanket.  My daughter loves this blanket so I probably won’t get away with taking it out again, but I started making my own heirloom crochet blanket that will make an appearance eventually!

I love incorporating handmade elements into my sessions and would love see your family favorite make an appearance.  Blankets and stuffed friends are always welcome!

Gather your pumpkins…

Gather up your pile of pumpkins – you can use them to decorate your porch later – and meet me somewhere beautiful this fall.  I know the best leaf piles and where to buy the most beautiful pumpkins (HINT: Graye’s Greenhouse is THE BEST for this kind of thing!)!  We’ll make some memories, take some photos together, and celebrate a fabulous fall together!  We need these beautiful things in our life right now (and always)!

So, take a peek at this sweet session and then contact me!  I can’t wait to hear from you and get your photography session booked!

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