Blonde girl showing a book, South Lyon Child Photography

Cute Sisters – Twin Girls Who Read {South Lyon Child Photographer}

I’ve been the photographer for these cute sisters since they were just newborn babies!  I love these twins and especially their distinct personalities.  For this session they brought their favorite books, Knufflebunny and Knufflebunny Too.  They shared all the best pages with me and their older sister described the plot.

Albert Einstein said, “The only think you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.”  I photographed these girls at home and I’m pretty sure that they only need to know how to find their bedrooms.  They have a great collection of books in their house.

SIDE NOTE: Having a home library is key for academic success.  But, you probably know that.  🙂  If you are looking to add to your library inexpensively, I suggest checking out: (1) yard sales, (2) children’s resale shops, and (3) mom-to-mom sales.  All these options have books for $2 or less, great copies of classics, and are usually in very good condition.

Back to the twinsies!!!  🙂  I love watching my clients grow and change.  As a family photographer, I get to experience that growth.  Unlike a wedding or a strictly newborn photographer, I get to see my families again and again.  Watching children grow into their personalities is exciting, fascinating, and interesting.

I always try to have a real conversation with children.  This day was no different.  We talked about all about their latest adventure: ice skating lessons.  MOM TIP: I’ve learned that Novi Ice Arena has great lessons for kids just starting out! 🙂  This activity is 100% kid approved! 🙂  They got to choose their own clothes for their lessons and they picked Lularoe leggings.  I tell you what: These girls have excellent taste in fashion and I say this while wearing my latest Lularoe outfit.  🙂

Enough about leggings!  Here are some great pictures of these girls, their beautiful eyes, and fabulous personalities.  I shared some pictures of their older sister earlier this month, but check them out together at the end.  Thanks for looking!

Brunette girl holding Knuffle Bunny book, South Lyon Child Photographer Young girl flipping book pages, Northville Child Photographer Young girl reading a book, Metro Detroit Child Photography Blonde girl showing a book, South Lyon Child Photography black and white close up of girl's face, Metro Detroit Child Photographer Black and white portrait of a young girl, Metro Detroit Child Portraits Sisters showing off favorite books, South Lyon Family Photographer



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