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Today I answer the question: Do I need family photos with my older children?  The answer is always 100% YES, but not just because I’m a photographer.  The mama in me says that you need these too.  And, most importantly, your kids need it.

REASON #1 why you always need family photos is the tried & true answer:  Because you exist in this life and you deserve to be documented!  You are the magic maker, the laundry folder, the hug provider, and I’m betting, the picture taker!  I photographed a mama recently, at her job, doing her passionate work, and when her children saw the pictures they said, “Now we have nice pictures of you, mom!”  You need to be in these pictures so that your children have YOU to hold forever in that photograph.

REASON #2 Is really the answer to “Why take family photos at all?” because the same reasons apply whether you have new, young, older, or adult children.  You want to freeze time.  Right now, this moment, in its beauty, messiness, quirky bits…all of it.  Every single thing about it.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’ve got that tween.  They only want to wear camo or joggers or camo joggers and you’re kind of OVER their attitude.  I get it.  I’m living it.  I hope that I survive it.  But, I also want to remember this fabulous, witty, occasionally charming, passionate individual I’m raising, YES, even in THIS moment right now.  As I look my children, now past the obvious “milestone” days of walking, talking, and learning to use the potty, I see them now as beautiful people still experiencing milestones, but in a different way.  They are learning to organize life, be responsible, practice an instrument every day, get their own snacks, and learning how to find that balance between pushing through a challenge or taking a rest to try again later.  I want to remember these people in this moment as they change and grow and become amazing adults.

REASON #3 is my favorite reason: Taking a timeout to be together as a family sends a beautiful message to our children.  In this moment, we’re telling them that they are worthy of hugs, worthy of our uninterrupted time for 30 minutes, and worthy of a picture!  Even if they don’t want their picture taken, somewhere in their soul they know they are valued because we took this moment for THEM.  I hope that your older children leave our session filled up with compliments and encouragement as I rave about their hair/freckles/style/belt/book their reading.  I hope that they feel so loved with all the hugs and jokes and silly questions we share together.  I hope that when I show only them a sneak peek of the back of camera that they are overwhelmed with how amazing they look.  And mostly I hope they leave saying “That was actually really FUN.”  Can you imagine what it would mean to do something with your tween or teen that they thought was FUN?!

So, bring me your moody teens, your sassy tweens, that obstinate toddler, and the positively charming 5 minutes we get between ages 7-9, and we’ll let them know they are LOVED.  I’m going to fill them up with a million compliments, really listen to a crazy story about their life, make them swim around like a dolphin – true story because seriously that girl would NOT relax, but it worked! – and have a really amazing time together.

When your children look back on these pictures in 5, 10, or 15 years, – hopefully while they are thanking you and apologizing for being a jerk sometimes – they will see that you loved them, even then, in their most obnoxious moments, that you were there in that picture, that you were celebrating the family that you have created together.

Take a peek at how fun it can be and then message me so we can book a fabulous session for you too.

PS: How about this absolutely magical golden place in these pictures, am I right???

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