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Looking for some great gifts for photographers?  Look no further.  Here are some of my wish list items for budding photographers!


GODOX SPEEDLIGHT – My absolute go-to off camera flash for improving all indoor and lowlight photography.  This will be a GAME CHANGER for you and will work in any camera with a hot shoe (that metal bracket on top of your camera!).  This link is for the NIKON version, but other cameras are listed below!  MAKE SURE TO READ THE DESCRIPTIONS AT THESE LINKS TO BE SURE YOUR CAMERA IS COMPATIBLE!

Canon Users:

Sony Users:

Everyone Else:

GODOX WIRELESS TRIGGER – For getting that speedlight off your camera and onto a light stand (see next item for that!).  To create dynamic and interesting light in your photos and sessions, you need this trigger.  Perfect for multiple lights.  This link is for the NIKON version, but other cameras are listed below!  MAKE SURE TO READ THE DESCRIPTIONS AT THESE LINKS TO BE SURE YOUR CAMERA IS COMPATIBLE!



LIGHTSTAND, SPEEDLIGHT MOUNT, & UMBRELLA – Perfect for diffusing your new speedlights and getting it off your camera so you can create dynamic, diffused light situations.  I love this inexpensive package that includes everything you need to get started.  No need to break the bank if you want to play around with new techniques.

GEEKOTO 360 SWIVEL BALL HEAD MOUNT TRIPOD – One of my favorite purchases this year so that I can record drawings or tutorials from my art desk or craft room!  Get the cell phone tripod mount (listed next) to use with your cell phone!

CROSSTOUR WATERPROOF VIDEO CAMERA – This little camera is perfect for taking video on-the-go. I love it’s versatility and ease of use. I prefer it to my cell phone because it can take a beating and keep on going. We used it on our canoeing trip up north to take underwater and on the water video. Not so great for photos, but perfect for young movie makers or adventurous videographers.  Rechargeable batteries are a bonus!

ALUMINUM USB CASE – Never text your friend to say “I’m missing a memory card” again.  I love that you can get 8 memory cards in here and the hardsided case keeps everything safe.

PERSONALIZED CAMERA STRAP – The standard camera strap is uncomfortable and definitely not for wearing during multiple hours of shooting.  I love a good comfortable camera strap, especially when I’m picking the fabric!  Check out this etsy shop for great fabric straps and some very fashionable scarf straps!

SEAHORSE CAMERA CASE – This heavy duty case is great for protecting equipment during long travel or multiple locations (like weddings).  It comes in many sizes (just search for seahorse camera case).  My favorite is the one with wheels.  The BEST feature about this case is that it is 100% customizable to your equipment by removing portions of the interior foam that comes precut and ready to customize.

CAMERA LENS COFFEE CUP  – I admit that drinking out of this camera lens coffee cup does make me twitch a little because it is so realistic.  It’s still a pretty funny gift.

CELL PHONE TO USB TRANSFER FOR PHOTOS – HANDS DOWN THE BEST THING I’VE BOUGHT FOR MANAGING AND WORKING WITH MY PERSONAL PICTURES.  I like to edit, process, and review my cell phone pictures.  I also print them…a lot.  This has made it so easy to transfer those images from phone to computer without apps, wifi, cables, itunes, dropbox, etc.  Put on USB.  Put in Computer.  Done.

MOM’S GONNA SNAP TEE – For all those momtogs out there.  This shirt makes me laugh.

DR. TEAL’S EPSOM SALT SOAK – After a long day of shooting, standing, squatting, and hauling around equipment, a hot bath with some epsom salts is how I recover.  This is great for anyone and not just photographers. 🙂

BACKPACK CAMERA BAG – I often take my big camera with me to the zoo or other places where I’m also carrying snacks, water bottles, and a thousand “kid related” items.  I love bags like this because I can shove some diapers and wipes in here and a million snacks + have my big camera handy.

Best Gifts for Photographers 2020

I hope that you’ve found something great for your own wish list or a photographer in your life!