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Autumn Fun | Livonia Family Photographer

Here’s the honest truth about family photography sessions: All kids are happiest outside.  And that’s why I photograph families almost exclusively outside (even in the colder months).  There’s something about the freedom of space and the crispness of fresh air that brightens every face and every smile turns into laughter.  Even when we pause for a moment, to count the petals on a flower or hunt for an interesting bug, the smile is lurking, hiding, just behind that thoughtful face, and pops out again even if you can’t help it.

I loved all the laughter we captured during this outdoor family photo shoot.

No matter how many times I photograph the same location, no session ever looks the same.  That intersection between life and nature is a completely new experience each time.  How will these friends react to this beautiful place?  Who loves a trail?  Who is hesitant?  Who charges in without looking?  Who stops to listen to the birds?  Who gathers up all the leaves?  Who giggles as they are covered by the tall grasses and we can only see their eyes and a nose peeking over the top?  Who takes your hand to you show you something new?  I love those little moments.  I patiently wait for just the right moment to click the camera, capture that perfect expression.  And, guess what?  You’re there too.  Watching those little smiles, being taken by the hand, maneuvering through the grass with that special sweet child.  Maybe you even get some snuggles.  Or a big hug.  Or make silly faces together.  Maybe a kiss on the cheek?  Or maybe they just whisper the word pickle in your ear.

But in those moments, you can let the world melt away for a few minutes.  Let me be there with my camera.  And you can just enjoy these beautiful people in your life.  You can see your world through my lens and notice all its beautiful.  You won’t see flaws, only the fabulous.

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