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5 Reasons for Family Photo Session at the Greenhouse

Hey Friends, I know you’ve heard me RAVE about this incredible Greenhouse where I regularly shoot sessions.  But, like what’s the deal really??  Why is this better than any other location in town…even in the summer when we have flowers or the fall when we have leaves?  Okay, maybe not the fall because nothing beats fall in Michigan, but this would be my #1 choice any other day of the year and here’s why…


Even if the middle of winter, this location serves up warmth and coziness.

It’s a rustic, romantic, intimate location for rainy or cloudy days and you know we have plenty of them.

Mother's Day Photography near me, Family Photoshoot Michigan#2 GORGEOUS SPOTS TO FRAME YOUR FABULOUS SELF

This location has everything a photographer dream about….beautiful leading lines to frame you, plants to shoot over and through, pretty much the perfect frames for your FABULOUS SELF.

Livonia Child Photographer, Detroit Greenhouse Photoshoot#3 YOU’LL LEAVE FEELING RELAXED

ALL my clients have said, “I don’t want to leave.  It’s so relaxing in here.” Maybe it’s the extra oxygen from all those plants, the earthy rustic vibe that connects you to the earth, or the koi pond, but something about this place leaves you feeling relaxed, peaceful, and calm.  It’s the perfect spot to take at minute and hug your kid, pause from life, and take a breath.  I leave here feeling great and not just because I’ve seen your smiling face

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There’s never harsh light or bad light, pretty much just always amazing, fantastic light that will make you look like you just returned from a restful vacation.  I love that you can stand just about anywhere in this location and take a great picture which means that we can focus on having fun and not on where to pose you.

lifestyle maternity photographer, modern photography#5 GREEN GREEN GREEN BACKDROPS

Green is the beautiful color to make anything and anyone POP!  Stand out in red or shine bright in a neutral.  Either way, this gorgeous greens of this place will emphasize YOU and everything spectacular you bring to this world.

spring mini sessions, livonia photographer

I book Greenhouse sessions year round for families and babies.  I’d love to meet you here.  Contact me for details for booking your own relaxing family photo shoot here  I promise it will be an effortless, relaxing experience.  Let go of life for a few minutes and just connect with the people you love most!

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