You are a super mom no matter what


As I was leaving the school this morning – SIDE NOTE: My daughter built a giant 4 ft tall box to collect her Valentine’s in today because her teacher just said “bring a decorated box” and gave no other guidelines. Obvs…never met my kid who LOVES to build with #ducttape and #movingboxes – Anyway, as I was leaving school I heard one mom exclaim to another “Oh wow! You guys look great! You always go all out! Can you be my mom?”

First I want to say to that mom: “YES! YOU GO SUPERMOM!” If you went all out today for Valentine’s Day, I think that’s fabulous. I bet you are so festive and fabulous! You are making this day more fun for everyone.  I love seeing all the ways people celebrate this day.

But, I want to talk to that mom that probably dug around in the Christmas clothes box last night to find a long sleeved red shirt for her kid to wear and only had cute cookies to put in lunches because Grandpa bought them at the store last Sunday. Maybe it was you. It was definitely me.

And for a brief minute in that parking lot I thought “Shoot. I didn’t go ALL OUT for Valentine’s Day. Did I screw this up?”

The answer is NO. I didn’t and neither did you.

Because the truth is I am going ALL OUT in other areas of my life, like making sure my kids get to church on Sunday, taking my vitamins every day so I’m a functional happy mom, and taking care of our only pet.

So, I just want to say that I know YOU are going ALL OUT in some area in your life. And it’s okay if it’s not Valentine’s Day outfits. I know you’re working hard somewhere – rocking that bedtime routine, exercising restraint and not yelling at your kids all day, or just making sure there’s enough goldfish crackers in the house. Whatever it is – BIG SHOUT OUT AND HUGS TO YOU FOR GOING ALL OUT IN WHATEVER AREA YOU ARE ROCKING THIS WEEK! <—applies to non-moms too

I love you Blog Family.  I hope that you have a great and festive day!

And, enjoy these pictures of us!

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