Girl holding up her favorite book, South Lyon Child Photographer

You are a Reader! – A Girl and Her Book {South Lyon MI Photographer}

Sharon Hoeg is a newborn, child, and family photography in Metro Detroit.  This is part of a series to celebrate March is Reading Month.

I love this girl.  There.  I admit it!  She’s one of my favorite children to photograph.  She is exuberant and joyful, her face expressive, and she always has something to say!  I’ve been photographing her family from waaaaaay back when there were just three of them and not five!  Her little voice calling my name “Miss Sharon!  Miss Sharon!” always echoes in my head, long after I leave her for the day.  She is always full of hugs and excited to see me.  And, she is my only client to ask for a picture with me Yeah, we took a selfie. 🙂  That says it all about about our relationship, the type of connection I strive for with every child I meet!  What a difference between our family photography session last fall and our portraits today.  I saw a side of her that I have never seen before!  She was so serious, focused.  The bubbly, scattered, crazy energetic girl was replaced by a student, a focused, interested, thoughtful student.  It’s not a bad thing!  We shared a laugh over how we both stay up too late reading.  She gets in trouble for reading too late and having her light on.  So did I.  I had an old globe that doubled as a lamp.  I always got in trouble for having that light on!  I’d plead with my parents, “I was just looking at the pictures!”  But, who are we kidding?  I was reading.  She shared one of her favorite books right in this moment, but I get the feeling that her favorite book changes daily.  She is a voracious reader.  And, she is an intellectual treat.  She chooses her words and ideas so carefully, deliberately, and specifically.  She described her sister’s book in great detail to me.  She needed to be heard!  And, I am ALWAYS happy to listen.

Girl holding up her favorite book, South Lyon Child Photographer Girl in a polka dot dress, South Lyon Child Photographer Girl holding a fairy book, South Lyon Child Photography Young girl flipping through a book, Metro Detroit Child Photographer Young Girl holding a book open, Metro Detroit Child Photography


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