smiling one year old boy at the window, Livonia Child Photographer

Turning One – Birthday Boy {Livonia Child Photographer}

One thing I love about child photography is all the awesome moms I get to meet.  These are people in the trenches every day, totally killing it!  They are amazing people who manage to be both soft and strong.  I love seeing them in action and celebrating with them.

I also love the gift I can give them.  You might think it’s photos that capture this time in their life forever, but it’s not! 🙂  I love giving them a chance to spend 60 minutes with their children in a real, honest, authentic way.  It’s an opportunity to enjoy your children, to experience them in a new way, and to love them truly and deeply without other distractions.  There just happens to be a photographer around while you are together!

It’s not just about capturing these real moments, it’s about taking the time to have them at all!  If you are on the fence about whether to book a professional photographer or just head to your local portrait studio, I hope that you choose to hire a professional photographer.  You will have so much more fun with your kids!

That’s what makes these pictures so great!  This mama booked a full cake smash session, and while there was cake and it was smashed, sort of, we also got in some playtime.  This type of lifestyle photography are pictures that I treasure as a mom.  SIDE NOTE: This is also the advantage of booking a full session–some posed, some not posed photos, but all a beautiful reflection of your life!

So, seriously, how fabulous is this mom?!  I love her!  And, in these moments she was balancing the needs of two children because her daughter came along too.  She handled it all with grace and patience that only a mom can have.

Thanks for looking!

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