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Super Siblings – Child Photography {Northville Child Photographer}

I met up with these friends at their home in Northville for a family photo session on a recent Sunday morning.  Today provided an opportunity to include extended family members as grandma and grandpa were visiting all the way from China!

I love photographing children most of all and these elementary school age kids were hilarious.  We told a lot of silly jokes, including my favorite joke: “Why did the cow get on the space ship?” Except that I was totally off my game in the joke-telling department because I told the joke completely wrong and ruined the punchline!  My pictures, however, were right on and I managed to squeeze smiles out of these tough customers.  🙂

They even told me a few jokes.  They were all ridiculous and made no sense.  “Why did the chicken cross the road?  Because the city was poopy.”  That wasn’t the exact joke, but it was just as nonsensical with just as much potty humor.  Jokes about poop always get big laughs.  I think that I made some disgusting noises too.  Kids think that is hilarious!

When we finished our more portrait pictures, the kids went exploring in the yard, found a tiny frog and told me elaborate stories about how the frog ended up in the front yard.  We chatted about their summer.  They laughed when I asked them if they helped their mom and grandma in the kitchen.  They actually looked kind of insulted that I suggested they help make dinner! 🙂

I am currently booking fall 2017 family photography sessions and have just a few dates and times left for October!  Please book soon if you want fabulous fall family pictures!  I have lovely locations for autumn portraits.

This was a beautiful dreamy Sunday and it shows in the final collection.  Here are a few of my favorites from this family photo shoot.


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