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Am I bad mom if I haven’t taken family photos yet?  I’ve heard a lot of this lately and I just want to shut it down right now.

You are not a bad mom.

There’s a whole lot of “never did” and “didn’t do” that we worry about it. And I’m here to tell you that’s irrelevant.

One of my life mottos is “keep moving forward.”  You screw up?  Fix it.  Move on.  Been a jerk?  Apologize.  Move on.  Phoned it in on for dinner?  No worries.  Tomorrow’s another day!  There’s always another opportunity to do things differently.  This is it.  Right here!  This moment.

Let’s move on from the “nevers,” the “should haves,” and the “forgot to” and just say HERE WE ARE!!!  What are we going to do today?

Book your session.  Get great pictures.  Check this off your list!

It’s never too late to exist in pictures, have your #proofofmom photos taken, or just get your family off the dang couch for a few minutes and enjoy the great outdoors.

And, when you do have your family photo session, here’s all the things you can check off your list:

Got the whole family outside – CHECK.

Played with the kids – CHECK.

Screen free family time – CHECK.

Got your steps in for the day – CHECK.

Explored a great place in Michigan – CHECK.

Made some family memories – CHECK.

Finally got some photos taken – CHECK.

Existed in pictures! – CHECK!

A photo session is so much more than a photographer snapping pictures while you smile uncomfortably into a camera.  In fact, it should be that AT ALL.  When we’re together we play games, laugh a lot, run, jump, hug, dance, shout a bunch of silly words (it’s almost always the word poop), go on a nature hunt, tackle Dad, hug mom, hug each other, make silly faces, hike up trails, hike down trails, hunt for leaves, spot cool bugs…..doesn’t sound like your typical photography session does it?

It’s so much more than photos.

{PS: This was a late season fall session, but isn’t it gorgeous?  Don’t let the time of year hold you back!  It’s always beautiful in Michigan!}

Take a peek at this sweet session and then use that “book now” button to get in touch!  Let’s get some things checked off your list!

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