Hey Friends!.  I’m Sharon and I’m so glad you’re here!  I can’t wait to get to know you and learn all about that special magic you bring to your craft. After 10+ years of making mistakes and figuring out how to run a business, I’m here to shortcut that process for YOU.    I will help you refresh your business in just four weeks so you can start 2021 with a vision, passion, and a plan!  In only 20 minutes a day, we’ll use the 3 R’s – Restore, Review, and Refocus – to get organized, set goals, and achieve BIG!

I want this to be your best year EVER (yes…even in the midst of our current health crisis)!


4 Week hands-on course

A 25+ page workbook to help you think through the tough questions

A spreadsheet with built-in formulas to help you plan your year

Advice & Tips on how to automate as much of your business as possible

An actual human (ME!) to help you along your way & cheer you on!

Facebook Group for accountability and support!

Weekly LIVE sessions to ask questions

Daily check-ins and reminders to keep you on track

Plus, some other bonuses along the way!

Price is $297 –> $199 for the January 2021!

Have questions or want to enroll?  That “Get in Touch!” Button below is for YOU!

Listen, I am the Queen of Positivity.  My clients rave that I’m fun, energetic, and help everyone relax.  I want to do the same for you in your photography business.  You’ll find nothing but encouragement and excitement as we tackle your business together.  After 10 years of making mistakes, solving problems, and just plain figuring it out, I now have a great system for refreshing my business every year and I want to share it with you!

You’ll join me in a Facebook group.  A daily update will remind you what to accomplish that day.  A weekly LIVE session will be your chance to ask questions, share where you’re at, and be inspired by what we’re achieving.  Ultimately, you’ll have a complete workflow, goals for your year, and a clear plan for getting there.  We’ll do all of this in about 20 minutes a day (and take weekends off for fun!).

Do you need more details?  This photography business class will look at: workflow, communications, data/image management, business organization, BIG GOALS, an action plan, and make sure you’re spending your time doing the things that bring you the most JOY and the most SUCCESS.

Who This Course is for:

This course is for you if….you want next year to be even better than 2020….small missteps are holding you back (misplacing a check, disjointed workflow, slow replies to inquiries, inconsistent marketing)….you want to set big goals (or already have) and need a plan to get there….you’re stuck in business paralysis and need accountability to get you moving….you want a course about the business of photography.

Who This Course is NOT for:

This course is not for you if…you love how your business runs right now…you are not ready to make any changes to your business…you’ve already made your plan for next year…you’re looking for a course on improving your photography skills.

I can’t wait to partner with you in 2021.  Drop me a note with your questions or to enroll using that button below!!!