Outdoor Holiday Minis | Livonia Photographer

The great outdoors needs no help when it comes to Holiday Minis in Metro Detroit.  Some sparkly lights, festive people, and shiny ornaments transform this rustic place into something truly magical.

You’ll love decorating a tree, sharing a story, and even having a fake snowball fight.  Sometimes, it looks a little like a fall/winter mash up because you never know what the season will bring! We’ll shoot around the leaves, embrace the beauty of Michigan and celebrate the holiday season no matter what it looks like!

Your wardrobe brings as much to this session as the setting.  Anything wintry will do, add in some hats or scarves, your favorite gloves, and you’re most of the way there.  You can go truly festive with candy cane dresses or ugly Christmas sweaters OR a casual denim and sweater combo like the families below.  All colors look great here, so if a pink Christmas is your jam, wear that too!  The only thing I discourage is holiday pajamas.  While it can be done, it doesn’t seem as appropriate outdoors as it does on our cozy indoor holiday set.

Shoes are important for any wardrobe.  Any type of boot looks great in this environment.  We may get muddy, so leave the dress shoes at home or give me a heads up when you arrive that you want to stay as clean as possible (it may mean missing out on decorating a tree together!).

I consider this a full experience and no holiday experience would be complete without a small gift for your family.  I’ll let your children pick something special to add to your family bookshelf or give to a younger friend if you have older children.

Take a peek at what this magical and fun experience can look like!  As always, THANKS FOR READING!

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