We’ve all got one.  I know you do.  It’s that ONE STORY about how you waited in line to see Star Wars at midnight.  Or, it’s that story about your friend who made you all dress as Jedi.  Or,  {Spoiler Alert} it’s that moment where you realized Darth Vader is Luke’s Dad.  Nearly everyone I know has at least one STAR WARS STORY.  Maybe I just hang around with nerds, but I think that it’s because Star Wars is just so universal. It’s become so much a part of the zeitgeist that it now gets its own day.

Also, it’s awesome.

For me, my Star Wars stories are plentiful and reach back decades.  Reading the books with my brother.  Skipping school to see the re-releases of the OT at their first showing.  Waiting for midnight shows.  Having a Star Wars themed Sweet Sixteen.  And, of course, insisting my mother make me a costume.  Attending the conventions – yes!  I admit it!  Collecting toys, playing games, and, of course, hanging the posters in my home.

But, more than all of those memories, my brother and I bonded over Star Wars.  It was a significant part of what brought us together.  We had something to talk about, discuss, and fret about.  How did we feel about the Prequels?  Did we find them believable?  Who is our favorite droid?  Could anyone other than Han have saved the day?

And, I will never forget the day my brother and boyfriend (now husband) met.  They played a game of Star Wars trivial pursuit.  It wasn’t a matter of who knew the answer, just who could say it fastest.  The boyfriend passed the test.  We let him stay in the family. 🙂

On my most recent trip to visit my brother, he handed me a stack of fabric and said “Here’s your project.”  It was helping to assemble and tailor a bunch of clothes for my nephews’ Star Wars costumes.  I was happy to help because Star Wars is just part of who we are.

From birthday cakes to comic book day costumes, for the last 20+ years Star Wars has been a force of its own in my life, influencing everything from my relationships to my home decor.  My brother and I still wait in line for late night showings, arriving earlier than everyone else to wait in line, enjoy the crowds, and celebrate with fans.  Except now, we get to share that experience with our own children.

So, when my brother and I bought costumes for our kids…well….I think that you know what happens next.  Star Wars Photo Shoot.

I included a lot of behind the scenes shots for you too.  I know Star Wars fans love that kind of stuff.  PLUS, it tells the whole story of our day, from getting ready, to waiting on set, to heading home and all the good stuff in between, including my daughter who did not dress up at all!–you’ll see how Star Wars is forging bonds in the next generation.

Thanks for looking!!!

Young girl dressed as Rey, Metro Detroit Child Photographer, Star Wars Photography
behind the scene star wars cousins, Northville Child Photographer
Siblings laying on the floor with space toys, Livonia Family Photographer
boy dressed in a Kylo Ren costume, Metro Detroit Child Photography
family dressing in star wars costumes, Canton Family Photographer