two brothers hugging on a spring day, Metro Detroit Family Photographer

Let’s Go Fly a Kite – Siblings at the Park {Metro Detroit Child Photographer}

On Thursdays I take my two girls to ballet and music classes at Metro Dance and Music in Plymouth.  First, big shout-out to Metro Dance in Plymouth, MI for being an awesome place that both my kids like to be, where I feel like family, and where I share great memories with my kids.

Second, these Thursdays are one of the best evenings of my week.  To the dulcet tones of Mmmbop, the Moana Soundtrack, and Freeze Dance, I have finally found my “mom friends.”  It only took me seven years of being a mom.

I’ve gotten to know some great people with great kids.  We laugh, chuckle, sigh, and eye-roll our way through an evening with our children, the youngest ones cruising from knee to knee and the oldest ones huddled in the corner with friends in-between their classes.  I long for these Thursdays and I miss these moms and their cool kids when we are absent.  So, I jumped at the chance to see this family again for some child portraits at the park.

This family is so fun together.  I have witnessed more than one negotiation between mom and the older boys, dad and the older boys, and little sister just steals the show anytime she is present.  I think, however, that she will be trouble.  For now, she flies under the radar, not being the squeakiest wheel, and seems to get away with a lot because she is so cute.  I think that she knows it and I’m sure she will use it to her advantage.  I also love her wild hair.  She feels so wild and free to me, which is a testament to the freedom these parents give their kids to be themselves, develop interests in whatever they desire, and spend a lot of time together.

I knew going in, that this session needed a fast pace, movement, and action.  I channeled my inner camp counselor and ran this whole thing like a playdate with a camera.  I love how this whole session turned out – kids at play – and really captured the energy present when they are together.

Because they have moved often, they try to find activities they can do together, which is how two boys ended up in the very girl-dominated dance studio in Plymouth.  I am, however, grateful for their open-minded parents because otherwise, we never would have met!

Normally I write about how great a family is and how much I love their kids.  All of that is true here.  But, this time I also want to say THANKS because knowing this crazy crew made me realize that I finally have mom friends!  It’s a moment I’ve been waiting for!


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