two cousins making silly face, northville family photographer

Happy Cousins! – Valentine’s Day Love {Canton Family Photography}

Growing up, we didn’t play with the kids down the street.  We would pile into the family station wagon (yes, I’m that old) and drive about 40 minutes to my aunt’s house.  We spent the day climbing trees, playing in the dirt, and running through the yard.  I can’t remember what we ate or if we even stopped for lunch, but I do remember hanging off the top of the fruit trees in my cousins’ backyard.  We spent nearly every weekend together.  At least, it felt like we did.  Sometimes, other cousins would come and play too.  There could be 10 or more of us at any given time.  Some of those relationships stood the test of time.  When we are together, it was like we were never apart.  And, because there were so many of us, there was always someone going through whatever you were going through.  We experience life together.

So, when my brother and I started having kids he was determined to live near each other.  We wanted our kids to develop those same relationships, a bond that is stronger than anything, and to have friends they could count on.  He moved to Michigan a few years ago.  I consider myself lucky for every day that we spend together.  At some point, life may take us in different directions. For now, I am grateful and blessed and to share moments and memories with my nephews.  Even simply days are made more special by their presence.  I love sharing and experiencing life with them and I LOVE that my girls share and experience life with their cousins.

Obviously, these pictures are special to me!  They represent the bond of cousin-hood (is that a word?) for the next generation.  These are four people that love being together, cause trouble together, and are establishing a connection that will outlive me!  That, I suppose, is the power of photographs too.  Enjoy!

two cousins making silly face, northville family photographer boy and girl being silly, Canton family photographer


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