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Free Comic Book Day is THIS WEEKEND and it’s a great event for kids of all ages!

What you need to Know About Free Comic Book Day

  • There are lots of great choices for all ages
  • Comics are color-coded for age appropriateness.
  • Some stores limit how many free comics per person, so check your local store policies.
  • Some comics will run out!  Shop early and have fun!
  • People often go in costume and since just about every character has their own comic, you can dress up as any of your favorite heroes (or villains!)
  • Some stores have additional events like author/illustrator signings, costume contests, and more.
  • Your car ride home will be quiet!  Everyone will be reading. πŸ™‚

Free Comic Book Day List

You can find the list of all the comics here:

There’s something for everyone on this list including: Buffy, Dr. Who, Stranger Things, classics like Archie, Avatar the Last Airbender, Donald Duck, Sonic.

Find a Free Comic Book Day Near You!

I had five children, one stormtrooper, and one bounty hunter on my last Free Comic Day.  While I juggled all the things that were continuously being handed to me as I tried to check out, I looked at the clerk and said, “I’m so sorry.”  He looked at me and said, “Why?  We love that you came and that you brought all these kids!”  So, I am forever grateful to the wonderful people at State of Comics in Plymouth, MI for their patience and kindness in a moment of chaos.  So, my local friends, definitely check out State of Comics in Plymouth on your adventure.

The folks at Comic City (Canton) are also exceptional.  They have tracked down special items and made spot-on recommendations during our visits there.  They have more than just comics and you might find a great book too!  I especially love their large children’s section that has a variety of items for younger children.

All that is to say, those folks are friendly and excited to have you and your children visit their store!  Find a location near you here:

Making the Most of Free Comic Book Day

Go in costume!  Now’s the time to dust off your favorite cosplay (adults welcome!) and head out into the world dressed as your favorite character.  Since almost everything exists in graphic novel or comic book form, you can be just about anyone you want and you’ll fit right in.  This is also a great to rep your favorite super hero, Disney villain, and I even saw a wizard!

Buy Something!  Free comics are great and we sure do love them, but we also love supporting our local shops.  We support their free comic day efforts by buying at least one something while we’re there.

Make a Day of It!  Visit multiple comic shops and even check out your local bookstore.  Head to lunch in costume.

Book a photo session to celebrate your family cosplay!  I’m a little biased here because I LOVE photos, but if you’ve already gone through the trouble of getting dressed up, why not commemorate it?

I hope these tips help and that you have an amazing time together as a family!  I’ll be out and about wearing my BB8 scarf and celebrating with my kids!  Make sure to say HI if you see me!

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