A few years ago, I took all my baby and newborn packages off my website and focused in on my family photography. People still called and asked for newborn and I’m so glad they did, but it just wasn’t the focus of my work at that time.

My heart and art were not aligned.

There was something I wanted, a real authenticity, for my newborn pictures and I wasn’t getting there.

I was having a photo identity crisis!

I think that this is something many creatives go through, especially photographers, as they seek to find their niche, their voice, and their specific style.  It’s something you can hone over a few months or it can take years.  There’s really no short cut, but maybe my path can be inspiring to you and help you move faster along that creative highway!

I was happy photographing families for a time.  But then, something happened.

My heart started talking to me again. At the heart of my business is encouraging and supporting families.  Whether its telling you how great your smile is, how nicely styled your family is, or how super fun your kids are, I always want you to leave my sessions feeling good about yourself! It’s something that comes natural to me.  You might even say it’s my super power.  Who needs more support and encouragement than parents with a new baby!!!?  My heat kept saying these people need beautiful photos and a burst of encouragement.  You have to figure this out.  I had to find my voice in baby photography and bring my heart and my art into alignment.

This may sound like mumbo jumbo to you, but it’s important to me that my vision for your photos and the finished result are the same thing. I wanted to be photographing your babies from a place of passion, a place that I really believe in, and not just photographing the same thing I see everyone else doing.

So, I started to look, to think, to research (I’m really good at that part and sometimes fall down in the actual execution-of-a-thing part).  I asked for advice, considered workshops, and then turned to my own pictures to answer this simple question:

What were my favorite baby photos that spoke to my soul?

When I looked back over my own photos, there were so many very cute ones, like this baby in a bucket of bears….that you can in the baby book for my daughter….

And while this photo connected my love of cute plush things and motherhood, it isn’t something that speaks to my heart.  (But, it is still very very cute)

I got closer to my true passion when I looked at these pictures…

Newborn dressed as Alice in Wonderland, South Lyon Newborn Photographer

Babies surrounded by stories brought to life lets me bring my creativity and imagination to your photos.  They are oh-so-fun to create, but these pictures often mean more to me than the parents (side note: still happy to create theses images using your favorite books or sports teams and offer this as an add-on to my newborn sessions!).

Finally, as I flipped through our baby books and photo albums, I came across this….

This is my favorite photo of me with my baby. {PS: Photographer shout-out.  Taken by the inimitable Chris Diset who has been my photographer FOR LIFE!} Yes, I realize there’s very little baby in this picture.  It’s my favorite photo of ME at that time of life. Why do I love it? It’s me, in the moment, enjoying, soaking up a the beauty of this life, and 100% in that moment in time.  I’m wearing a comfy t-shirt, sitting on the floor in my own living room, watching over my child as she rearranged every toy in the room.

And that’s what I want for you. That moment, quiet and still, sometimes chaotic, the mess, the euphoria that comes with new babies and no sleep. Your own home. Your own things. Your own onesies and your own blankets. The real. The beautiful. The memory (because you’re probably too sleep deprived to remember it!).

And so, I started shooting like this:

These pictures are what I want to create for you.  And THIS is my real authentic style.  My heart and my art are finally happy together.

Thank you so much for reading and if you are on your own creative or life makeover please know that you are not alone, that it takes time, and I would love to encourage you on this path.  Drop me a message so we can chat.

And for the rest of you, tell your friends…Sharon is ready to photograph your babies!!!