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I have the luxury of driving my children to school every day. In those moments we sometimes have deep conversations about the meaning of life, religion, politics, and finances. Most of the time, however, I’m sharing silly stories from my childhood about that one time I got my name on the board in elementary school – I was mortified – or how we recorded live TV to watch later using this crazy device called a VCR. I know. I’m old.

That 7 minute drive to school is so valuable because no one is distracted.  There’s no phones, no tech, no homework, no laundry to fold, no dinner to prep.  Nothing to do but drive and talk.  And, except for the two seconds where I yell at the car in front of me to use a turn signal, it’s 7 uninterrupted minutes to be together.  In fact, sometimes I can even get that conga-line of a to do list to stop dancing and sit down for a minute.  It’s a beautiful one on one moment of real connection.

That’s the same feeling you’ll have during your photo session; thirty uninterrupted minutes to spend together, outside, unplugged, and undistracted.  Think about what happens in those thirty minutes: Giving your spouse that sweet look that says, “Oh wow, we created this chaos.”  Giggling together with your kids as they imagine what kind of dinosaurs might wander through this path. Laughing with your teens about what superpower they would have or laughing at me for asking about their Fortnite character.

And, as you give yourself over to those uninterrupted moments, soaking up the sun, I’ll be there with a camera to capture you all just as you are in this little sliver of time.

Take a peek at how that looks and then contact me to get your own uninterrupted thirty minutes!

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