Fall Family Photo Session – Two Brothers {Northville Photographer Fall}

There’s nothing better than heading to the biggest leaf pile in Northville for your fall family photo shoot.  The best smiles and the best memories can be found here!

On this day, I hung out with two awesome brothers who loved jumping in the leaves, telling me about their favorite books, and laughing a lot.  A few cousins joined in too.

If you’re thinking about a family photo session here’s what you need to know: I make things easy.  You’ll love my easy going style, fabulous energetic photos, and relaxed sessions.  No stressing out here!  But, I’ll warn you: You’ll probably groan at my terrible jokes!!!

I start off by getting to know your kids; I might even ignore you for a while.  I know that you can find the camera and smile!  I’ll play “guess your name” and maybe sing a few songs all wrong.  After we find our giggles we’ll run around a lot and dance and then I break out the truly terrible jokes.  Interrupting cow?  CHECK.  Chicken crossing the road?  CHECK.  Terrible Elephant puns?  CHECK.  Your kids will love it.

We’ll take a few minutes to pose on the bridge.  You can make a guess about whether or not I will fall in the river!  I haven’t yet, but you never know how things will go.  Then we’ll hug some more and laugh a lot.  And, once they really know me, we sit at a table or in the grass and have a chat.  I love this moment because we slow down for a second and I capture all those beautiful expressions that you know and love.

Last, we make a big leaf pile.  You jump.  You throw.  You get buried.  You get the idea.  And, while you catch your breath on the rocks, I take a few more shots of everybody together.

Sound like fun?  I think so too.  Take a peak at what a fall evening can look like, then Book Now.

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