one year old in fish costume, Child Photography 48167, Metro Detroit Child Photographer

Celebrating One Year – A Costume Portrait Session {Northville Child Photographer}

This sweet baby glitter fish turned one!  Her beautiful portraits captured everything that is fabulous about her: a cute smile, her bright blue eyes, a bubbly sense of humor, and her desire to play all the time.

I love being a child photographer because I get to share these moments with families, see them at their best, and celebrate the wonder of childhood over and over.  Even though I photographed my own daughter here, I still felt all those emotions!  I may have gotten teary-eyed too.

We giggled and laughed.  We threw balloons.  Her big sis wanted a turn in the pile too.  She kept running out of the room, only to reappear in the other doorway!  Laughing the whole time about the “trick” she was playing on me.  She loved sitting right in the middle of the balloon pile.  She smiled at everything.  She thought her costume was funny.  It was funny.  I still don’t know if she was wearing it right.  We celebrated her in the BEST way to celebrate her: playing, laughing, giggling, and smiling.

These kinds of moments are what I want to be known for.  I want people to come to me so I can celebrate with them.  So we can laugh and giggle.  So kids can dress up, dress down, and just be who they are.  So that we can bring their daydreams to life.  So we can capture the BEST moments of their lives.  Life is filled with too much of the other stuff.

I looked up my notes about her first birthday and here’s what I thought was valuable to record:

“She is climbing on everything, including people.  She needs constant supervision!”  Ha!  She still climbs on stuff and she STILL needs supervision!  (I recently found 9 containers full of water on the floor of her bedroom.  At least they had lids!)

Thanks for looking!

Cute baby in fish costume, Northville Child Photographer Baby playing in green balloons, Northville Child Portrait Photographer one year old in fish costume, Child Photography 48167, Metro Detroit Child Photographer


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