Camp Mirage Review – Metro Detroit Summer Camps for Kids

This review of Camp Mirage (Plymouth, MI) is the first in a series of Summer Camps in Metro Detroit!

I knew that this place had its own special kind of magic because my kids ask to return to this amazing summer camp every single year. we’re going on year SEVEN with Camp Mirage! But, when I was asked to photograph Camp Mirage and I stepped beyond the gate to witness camp for myself, I discovered it was more magical than I could possibly imagine.

Nothing screams Summer more than Summer Camp!!  And, when I tell you that we’ve tried A LOT of Summer activities, I am really not kidding.  Camp Mirage is one we return to year after year for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason of all is the inherent magic within this place.

I got invited to photograph as many theme camps – and there are many – as I could in one day.  I witnessed craft camps, golf, basketball, soccer, wizard camp, legos, minecraft, nerf camps, field trip camp, and a half dozen more.  In short, if there’s something you love, you’ll find it at Camp Mirage.  While I wandered between the wizards doing spell training, the golfers at the range, and the nerf war where I barely escaped unscathed, one thing was apparent: Everyone here was deliriously happy.  And, you might think, OF COURSE the kids are happy, they’re at camp, but the counselors were too.  Since excitement is contagious, the energy is palpable.

I don’t think it’s something we realize as parents, just observing camp from the outside.  The counselors are invested, committed, and dedicated to making sure everyone is having a great time.  I saw it in the lego camp, where counselors made sure to get their campers up and moving around, even though camp was really about building and creating with legos.  I saw it in the sports camps, where experience coaches and athletes are running drills, but keeping things fun.  I saw it in the art camp, where the counselor showed me her planning notebook revealing that she spent months searching for the perfect engaging crafts for her theme camps.  I saw it in the golf camp, where campers were expertly taught by a golf pro who also provided visual feedback via an ipad while they were at the range.   While I chatted up the counselors I kept hearing this same sentiment, “I grew up going here.  This place was so great for me.  I want to make it so great for them.”

Whether they were pouring paint on paper for the junior camps to hit with fly swatters or supervising the water balloon station, these counselors care about what’s happening here.

Much like the Disney Cast Members that make an experience memorable, these Counselors are the real magic behind Camp Mirage.

But, if you need more reasons to send your kids to the most magical place on earth (possibly unseating that other magical place), keep reading for seven more reasons…

Seven Reasons to Send Your Kids to Camp Mirage this Summer

(1) Theme Camps for all ages: From legos to movie making to golf lessons – there’s something for everyone at Camp Mirage.  The budding artist, the avid athlete, and the nerf-toting kid will find a place for themselves with like-minded friends.  Passionate counselors make these theme camps so fun that you’ll want to go too.

(2) Drop-in Afternoon Camp! This is THE mom life saver for the summer.  Anyone who enrolls in a week-long camp can attend afternoon camp at any time during the summer.  This is a blessing for your busy week, grocery shopping, mom dates, or just plain “get these dang kids out of the house” moments.  In the past, no pre-registration was required.  Just drop the kids and go!

(3) Life-long Friends: Now this right here.  This is what I love most about Camp Mirage.  My kids are making life-long friends, friends they look for every year, friends they talk about all year until camp rolls around again, friends that they can’t wait to see.  It’s really fun when we run into a camp friend in some other location (you should have seen the surprise reunion the first day of dance class when we discovered our camp friend was joining us!).  It’s everything you want for your kid to experience at camp.

(4) Fun, Safe Place for kids.  Security measures are enforced to keep kids safe and make sure they leave with the right parent!

(5) A variety of activities to keep busy including mini golf, giant spiderwebs for climbing, playground, sports, gaga, crafts, legos, and more.

(6) Age-Appropriate Play: Your child will be matched up with similar aged children.  All the littles are kept together in their own area of camp!

(7) BONUS REASON: CONFIDENCE BUILDER: If you have a kid heading off to kindergarten (or maybe going to in-person full-time school for the first time) next year, Camp Mirage is a great place for them to exercise some independence and experience being on their own in a really fun place.  I saw so much growth in my own children after their experiences there that I felt so much more comfortable sending off on the first day of school.  

Finally, I know that I’ve said all these great things about Camp Mirage, but the proof of this magic place is that every summer my kids can’t wait to go back.

2022 Camp is now registering and all the details can be found here:

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