Here’s my tips for making your gingerbread house building party the best ever:

(1) Organize all your toppings into a cupcake tin.  Definitely buy extra candy because the kits don’t have enough.

(2) Put your frosting in a frosting bag.  You don’t need to get fancy here, but a plastic or even reusable frosting frosting bag is better than a spatula or even the frosting in a bag with weird nozzle that are sometimes included in these kits.  I much prefer to use a plastic frosting bag and then you cut a little bit off the tip to make the opening.  Twist the big open end and secure with a hair tie, rubber band, or frosting bag elastic so you don’t end up with a pile of frosting on the floor.  It’s happened.

(3)  Save yourself time and either buy pre-assembled houses or put yours together well before decorating time.  Give them some time to setup before you start adding details.  I have a friend who uses white caulk to assemble their houses.  As long as you don’t eat it, you’re fine!

(4) No time to buy a kit?  Use royal icing for assembling graham crackers on milk cartons or cereal boxes.  I’m reaching way back here, but I did this in third grade as a kid and it was EPIC.

(5) Buy pre-assembled houses to make your building a snap, but make sure you read the box.  Just because the box looks like it should have a whole house assembled in it, doesn’t mean it will.  I’m looking you at you Target gingerbread house.

(6) For a real decorating WOW go monochromatic with your decorations and stick with 2-3 colors like red and white or white, gold, and silver.

(7) Decorate the walls of your house with stripes, swirls, or pretty piping.

(8) Bring it all together by adding icicles to everything.

(9) Need extra frosting?  You’re looking for “royal icing” which you can buy in a kit, but it’s also just meringue powder and powdered sugar mixed with water.  The recipe you want is over here at Wilton.

(10) Finally,  you have permission to build your gingerbread houses in January!  I feel like January needs something festive to help get us through, especially in the great white north of Michigan.  Gingerbread house building is part of our Thanksgiving week party, but I still might make these again in January!

Tips Gingerbread House kits

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