Wahoo and Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here!! 🙂  Whether you are looking for playful outdoor family portraits or a child photo session to truly capture your child’s personality, you are in the right place!   My family photography sessions are an opportunity to unplug, get outside, play, laugh, and have fun together!  I just happen to be there with a camera too.

Family with three girls at the farm, South Lyon Family Photographer

My favorite part of photographing families is getting to know your children.  They are creative, interesting, hilarious people with personalities all their own.  We share terrible jokes – that interrupting cow gets me every. single. time!  We share silly stories.  I love hearing about their favorite books, meeting their most loved stuffies, and finding out what makes them smile.  Is it when I make silly noises?  Is it my terrible singing?  Is it when I accidentally on-purpose call them Batman instead of their real name?  Whatever it is, I wait for that perfect moment, right when the joke finally sinks in, when the smile finally bursts through, and that’s when I CLICK.

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Your family session does NOT have to be stressful.  In fact, it should be the opposite.  It should be joyful, fun, warm, and full of laughter.  Your kids should leave asking when they can see me again!  When we are together, your photo shoots feel more like play dates.  So, if you’re interested in booking me, here’s the link!   Or, you can find out more about me, see my work, or keep reading for the answers to the two questions I get asked the most!

How to Choose a Family Photographer

Not all photographers are the same!  Most importantly, you want to find someone that will be a good fit for your family.  Here are three questions to ask yourself as you search for a Metro Detroit family photographer!

(1) What type of images are you looking for?

There are lots of different styles of photography, but the two most common in family photography are lifestyle and portrait.  Portraits have people in more formal poses, almost always looking directly into camera.  Lifestyle photography captures things that you would usually do, like playing a board game or baking together in the kitchen.  Often the word lifestyle is used when a photographer means casual or candid.   Capturing the elements and emotions of a moment with happy smiles can happen in both styles!

Regardless of how you define it, you can look at a photographer’s work and see how they like to shoot.  Do they favor a more formal portrait style or a more informal style?  Are the people in the images doing things they would do every day or are they enjoying a day at the park?  And, more importantly, which do YOU love!?!

After reviewing a photographer’s portfolio, ask yourself if you like those images.  Do you like the setting, locations, and poses?  Find a photographer who has images that YOU love because what you see is what you get.  Your final collection from your session will look a lot like the images and pictures in their galleries.   Personally, I like to blend portraits with more informal poses to capture natural expressions and connections between family members.

(2) Where do you want your pictures taken?

Location. Location.  Location.  True in real estate, true in photography. 🙂  A great photographer can make any location perfect, but sometimes you might want to be somewhere meaningful to your family.  Maybe you are a really outdoorsy family who loves to play together and be at the park.  Maybe you love to hang inside and play with toys or build with legos.  Maybe you have a specific theme in mind for your session that requires a certain location or props!  Take a look at a photographer’s portfolio to see where they shoot.  If that matches your vision, then they might be the one for you! 🙂 Does it sound like your dating?  It kind of is.  You want to be IN LOVE with your pictures. 🙂 You want a photographer that checks all the boxes and location is just one of them.  Some photographers prefer their studios and some will shoot anywhere.  Personally, I’m up for any kind of adventure.  🙂

(3) What are you going to do with your pictures?

Will you be sharing your photos on social media?  Maybe you want beautiful wall art.  Sometimes you might want small prints for your hallway or for grandma! 🙂  Whatever your end goal for your images, you want to know that you can get copies of them in digital or print form to suit your needs.   Most photographers will give you digital images, but often they are only included as part of a larger package.  This is where packages and options can get complicated.  I like to keep it simple: One Price, Digital Images, with the option to buy prints and photo gifts as needed in a variety of sizes.

What to Wear to Your Family Portrait Session


Family of five standing at a barn, South Lyon Family Photographer

This family is always well-dressed for their photo sessions.  What really makes their outfit works is carefully chosen accessories that bring the whole picture together, including the perfect shoes.  Here are my tips on how to create a great looking wardrobe for your family photo shoot!


*Start with one outfit for one person and build the other outfits around that

*Choose 2-3 colors and stick with those

*Don’t strive to be exactly matching!  Coordinating through color brings it all together!


*Avoid large patterns, flourescents, logos, and white shirts

*Wear what makes you feel great!  i.e. if you LOVE leggings, do it.  If you LOVE dresses, do it.  If you LOVE jeans, do it.  Just not all at once. 🙂

*Carefully consider your shoes.  They will be in pictures.  Sandals and boots are especially nice.  Running shoes are not.

*Think seasonally: in spring and summer avoid green; it’s simply too much with the backgrounds that time of year.  Dress for the weather no matter the time of year, you don’t want coats in summer and sleeveless in winter.

*Think LAYERS!  In fall: layer on scarves, vests, & cute jackets that fit snug; In spring: layer on accessories like lightweight scarves, long necklaces, or belts.  Even lightweight jackets, jean jackets, or lighter layering pieces look lovely.


*Choose clothes that fit perfectly

*timeless classic dresses or polos are great.  Some of my favorite brands are Good Lad (seersucker dresses and beautifully appliqued clothing) and Bonnie Jean.  Both are sold locally in Downtown Northville, MI at The Moon and Me baby boutique.  You can even find fabulous coordinating clothes for girls and boys at Target if you have both sexes in your family!

*Avoid large patterns, flourescents, logos, white shirts, and character shirts.  Is Pikachu a member of your family?Everyone will think so when he makes an appearance in every. single. photo.  No, I don’t photoshop him in!  He is just front and center on your child’s shirt! 🙂

*Small patterns, sweet appliques, and plaids are fabulous if you want prints in your pictures.

*Carefully consider shoes: NO flip flops, crocs, or character shoes; YES to boots, Toms, converse, mary janes, wellies, or even barefoot!

*Think Layers: hats, glasses, bows, headbands, vests, sweaters, and tights finish off outfits and bring it all together.


*One sweet outfit for baby is great, but most pictures will be taken in wraps or diaper only

*Adults and siblings should keep their wardrobe neutral: black, white, cream, gray, or subtle colors for siblings, like these awesome folks:

Family with baby boy, Northville Newborn Photographer


Are you ready to Book a Session?  If you are, let’s chat!  If not, drop me a note!  I can answer all your questions and we can find out if I’m a great fit for YOU!  I think that once we talk you’ll realize just how much fun this will be! 🙂

My Fall Family Photography Sessions fill up quickly, and my Christmas Mini Sessions even faster, so contact me early to get on my schedule!


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